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Dubai again

Dubai again
by Tiyana August 22, 2017

I am so happy to visit Dubai again this September. It is a true bliss. Returning to my memories from two years ago seems like a dream.

I wanted to share one visual memory of it. While driving on the highway and looking around, I had the following impression: as if straight from the universe into the desert, buildings with unusual shapes landed in the sand. Their sparkly reflexes, under the Sun that shines 360 days a year, are there to take the observer’s breath away. Indeed, the architecture in not my field of knowledge, but I am sure that Dubai is the dream of any creative architect.

Even an artistic soul can still find its place there, and it surely ain’t Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab – to me it is Al Mamzar beach.

View from below toward skyscrapers and sky in Dubai
View from below on tall buildings and sky in Dubai
Shop window with view on jewelry in Dubai
Shop window with golden jewelry
Sea Turtle swimming in water
Sea Turtle swimming in resort in Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place indeed. And it has it all.

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