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Fashion photography

If you need fashion photography for a boutique or your brand and clothing line, then professional photography in a studio or on location is the best way to present your business.

Here you may see a few photos from a wide variety of contexts to show the variability of results you can expect when you hire a professional photographer for a fashion brand. At the Academy of Applied Arts, where I graduated in photography, there are two majors in clothing design – stage costume and contemporary clothing. Photos are adapted to the theme, although I might say that nowadays, there are no strict rules in fashion photography. It seems to me that everything leans towards lifestyle photos on which Instagram had the most influence.

Photos on a uniform background – light, dark, or colored, with color variations in post-production – all this is part of the fashion photography package that you may order. Fashion photography is a process in which we collaborate on a joint project. The goal is to present your brand of clothing, footwear, or accessories as beautifully and attractively as possible.

The fashion photography production process consists of the following steps:

  • Model selection – your task or mine. We negotiate about it before the shooting.
  • The fitting – it is mandatory to try on the clothes on the selected photo model before the shooting. The clothes need to fit properly.
  • Choosing the style of photos – this should be agreed upon before the shooting so that I have time to prepare the scenography, lighting, and other details of the photo shoot. This is especially important for the whole image of the brand. We want to photograph not only the simple material and texture but also the whole idea of the collection that goes with a certain atmosphere.
  • Photo session – may be executed in my photo studio in Novi Beograd. The selected location is another option, and on that occasion, I bring studio lighting to the location. Studio backgrounds currently available are black, white, navy, purple, and more depending on the moment we book the appointment.
  • Collaboration during the photo session – it is good for the creator or owner of the brand to be there during the shoot if art direction is needed, but it is not necessary.
  • Post-production – photo editing, and processing in Photoshop after the photo shoot. This phase can be time-consuming, especially if we change the tones of the clothes or there are major changes to the background or model.

As I mentioned earlier in the text, fashion photography follows Instagram trends. A lifestyle lookbook is a new form of fashion communication, and often without additional lighting on location. These are seemingly spontaneous and undirected casual photos that show not only the dress but also the atmosphere, and the spirit of the entire collection.

For any style of fashion photography you decide on, contact me to exchange ideas and agree on what can be realized. I cooperate with several fashion agencies. Keep in mind that professional photo models in Serbia are booked in advance. Of course, if you have your own model, it is probably a more affordable solution, although often not the best. In any case, I like to work with domestic and foreign brands and I am open to creative cooperation!

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