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BgBirdVentures Souvenirs

BgBirdVentures Souvenirs

BgBirdVentures Souvenirs

by Tiyana Commercial March 01, 2019

Creative and innovative illustrator from Belgrade Nada Serafimović started new project and hired me to photograph it. Her idea was to create whole bunch of various items as a collection of Belgrade souvenirs. She is about to sell them in one of the stores in Belgrade and online. 

She has been working for years now as an illustrator with great experience in children’s storytelling. So, she simply drew and designed items that are telling stories about Belgrade. She devoted particular attention to production of high quality products with using organic materials and putting her personal seal. I am especially fond of “Ludo” board game. I love that pawns are wooden and shaped as various birds, whose houses are parts of Belgrade: Ada, Avala, Kalemegdan and Ušće.

Dont Get  Angry Man Board Game

The plush toys are hand-sewn, and the fridge magnets are are wooden too. They have laser-engraved illustrations of the sights of Belgrade, which results a relief structure of surface. Her drawings for ceramic cups printings are inspired by Belgrade and her travels. In “Memory” board game and on paper sticker sets all of illustrations are hers, so one might get attached to her style and aesthetics.

Follow her work on the Instagram and Etsy where she sells internationally her goods, but you can purchase them personally in one of the famous souvenir shops in Belgrade (I will update you on this). Check out some photos here, but there are more to come.

Collection of BgBirdVentures SouvenirsMagnets made as Belgrade SouvenirsCeramic Tea Mug with Bird IllustrationStuffed white birds toysWooden Bird shaped toy hanging on thin ropeStylish Orange Stationery with paper stickersBoard Game Man don't get angry with bird shaped pawns and their houses created into Belgrade districtsStylish Orange Stationery with illustrated paper stickersBoard Game Man don't get angry with bird shaped pawns and their houses created into Belgrade districts - Avala, Ada, Usce, KalemegdanCollection of various Ceramic tea mugsWhite Ceramic Tea Mug with colorful IllustrationsMagnets made as Belgrade SouvenirsWhite Ceramic Tea Mug with BG Bird Illustration