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Liberator of the Sun

Liberator of the Sun

by Tiyana Art&Fashion March 03, 2017

Liberator of the Sun (Russian: Освободитель Солнца) is an old folklore fairy tale from Lithuania/ Russia.
Scene costume designer Milena Milenkovic designed and made costumes for the theater show, inspired by Russian costumes with a focus on traditional motifs.

Photos were taken in 2011, in studio.

Story line: Princes Sun threw spells on three sisters – golden, silver and copper. Sisters look like a fish, bear and a bird. Their brother, trying to rescue them, falls in love with Princess Sun. Situation gets complicated when the Sun is being kidnapped by a giant..
Models: Elena Nikolaevna, Tanja Kecman and Sonja Jocic.
Exhibited within the manifestation Ada Art in Belgrade in 2012.