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The Book about Mostar

The Book about Mostar
by Tiyana July 23, 2018

If you knew very little about the town of Mostar, like myself, then I recommend you a book - an extensive project on the role of Serbian families in the times of cultural and economic flourishing of the city. Bilic, Dokic, Jelacic, Pesko and Sain had a significant impact on the life of Mostar in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Family reunion is rounded in a monumental book of over 300 pages, published by Svet knjigethe publisher from Belgrade. Descendants of the family were involved in creating this book with their testimonies, memories and anecdotes.

The introductory speech was written by Bishop Grigorije and the other authors are B. Pesko, S. Andrejevic, Z. Serdarevic, D. Mastilovic, I. Sain, R. Krulj and other descendants of families.

In May of 2016, I was engaged to photograph this solemn reunion and the photographs are in the book. Besides them, the book abounds in historical data, documents and photographs. While flipping through pages, one can feel kind of melancholy and sadness for the times of intimate and leisurely family life, a friendly and cordial atmosphere of the small town, and the interpersonal closeness which, I do not know whether it came from the mild climate or simply, good-natured people.

ISBN 978–86–7396–652–6

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