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Offline Instagram

Offline Instagram
by Tiyana July 18, 2017

Most of my friends are not active on social networks. So, how to share pictures with someone who does not have an Instagram profile?

Luckily, there is an ancient method – printing. Since my friend – Tony didn’t have an Instagram account, I made prints, but previously I slipped them through Instagram filter Nashville in Photoshop. Given that the printing format is standard – 10*15cm, a little physical work was inevitable.

The square format is an authentic feature of the Instagram, so I had to remain faithful to the concept. In the printing office, I asked them to leave white edges so that I could cut one side and leave the other for binding. After seeing that the photos are “bluish” they wanted to make automatic color corrections before printing.  It’s funny how the girl from out there was astonished when I told her to leave the colors as they were. Indeed, Instagram filters create kinda melancholic atmosphere.


Soon after this, Tony created his profile on Instagram, he published one or two images and has never entered the application since.

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