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4th july in NYC

Anable Basin Sailing Bar & Grill is place in Long Island City with an amazing view on Manhattan, where family&friends atmosphere spreads across East river. Here’s video of just another amazing evening at the place.

Posted by Tinuška Kruška on недеља 2. април 2017.

They organize each year 4th July party and people have fun. Besides the view on fireworks the music and food & drinks heat up the atmosphere.

On that day in 2016, clouds were threatening since morning and rain finally started in the evening. Nevertheless, people gathered to see the sky show.

Around midnight most people went home. Some of us stayed longer, as Miro was pouring up margaritas.

We had great rainy party. We were young and happy. I remember only few details.

I remember dancing all night long as if music won’t exist anymore tomorrow.

As we (friend and I) were sneaking out with a smile in the morning,

…half eaten pizza were there still waiting for us.

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